Day 25: Pursuit in Company (SoS 1:4b)

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Day 24: A Life of Pursuit (SoS 1:4b)

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Day 23: The Pull 2 (SoS 1:4a)

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Day 3: Intimacy begins with a desire 2 (SoS 1:2a)

Jan 09, 2023

What do we do when we begin to desire Jesus? There is one action that is foundational for every other. This action is the primary way we open our hearts to Jesus.

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Day 6: The content of expressed desire (SoS 1:2a)

Jan 04, 2023

When we say we desire Jesus and we express it in prayer, what are we really asking for and how do we know our prayers have been answered?

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Day 8: Seeking God with a certainty of finding Him (SoS 1:2b)

Jan 01, 2023

The concept of seeking God is not new to many believers. But even though this is a popular expression, many do not truly understand God's motive for asking us to seek Him and how we can even be sure we'll find Him.

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