Day 25: Pursuit in Company (SoS 1:4b)

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Day 24: A Life of Pursuit (SoS 1:4b)

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Day 23: The Pull 2 (SoS 1:4a)

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Day 11: The Wines of This World (SoS 1:2b)

Jan 09, 2023

If Christ's love is better than wine, what exactly does wine mean? And if what significance is it to us as His Bride?

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Day 10: Wine vs Christ's Love (SoS 1:2b)

Jan 04, 2023

An action is only as important as the reason behind it. The pursuit of the Beloved is because His love is better than wine. How can God's love be compared to wine? And of what significance is that comparison?

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Day 2: Intimacy begins with a desire (S0S 1:2a)

Jan 20, 2023

God gave man a will and He never overrides that will. Though He desires fellowship with man, He waits for our permission to draw us deeper into His heart.

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