Never as it been more challenging to live for God. Never has it been less popular to submit to His sovereign authority. But never is it more required than it is today.

God desires for us to live untethered to anything. To live open, honest, free and unrestrained. Nothing holding us back. UNRESERVED.

Yet we are to be set apart for His purposes, consecrated to His ways, committed to His plans. Not swayed by the ideologies of the world. Esteeming the Word of God as the ultimate authority. RESERVED.

Gone before us are men and women who ran their race, their lives are our testaments and how to guides. Jesus the Cheerleading Captain, for the joy set before Him endured many things to bring us to glory.

So with our hearts set on eternity, our gazes fixed on Jesus, we should shed every weight that slows us down and pull off leechy habits so we can run to win.

Living UnReserved equips you to run the race set before you, and not just run, but run to win. To continually make progress not just in your relationship with the Lord, but in all areas of life and purpose.