Day 1: Why Song of Songs/Introducing the Characters

The Song of Songs is one book I don't ever remember reading or hearing much of in church growing up except in wedding ceremonies or as toasts in invitation cards. There are many gems in the pages of this book and it's a privilege to share them with you. But first, an introduction. 

This book begins with the sentence 'the song of songs which is Solomon's' and from there two titles have been derived for this song. The Song of Solomon and The Song of Songs. The Song of Solomon points to its author while The Song of Songs expresses the superiority of the song just like we say King of kings or Lord of lords.

Even though it is more popularly known as the Song of Solomon I chose to stick with the title Song of Songs because to me it portrays that of all songs that could be written, this song of love is the greatest just like Christ's love for us is the greatest of all loves.

This book can be interpreted in many ways, one is as a depiction of marital love but the lessons from this series are based on interpretation as a depiction of the love between Jesus Christ and His Bride. His Bride referring to the church as a whole and most importantly the individual believer.

Three reasons why we are studying this book:

  1. To have a revelation of Christ's love for us which empowers us to not only love Him but to love others and be able also to express this love to the world.
  2. We go through many hurdles and challenges in our Christian faith. God and even life often test our love for Jesus. These challenges however are never supposed to bring us down or overcome our love for Jesus but to be stepping stones to maturity in Christ. They are to help, us become brides of Christ who have no spot or wrinkle.
  3. Our love for Jesus can never reach full maturity on this side of eternity, but SoS gives us the principles we need to grow in our love for Jesus each day. It also outlines the stages of this love, the changes that must occur in us and the principles we can apply to move from one stage to the other.

The characters:

Well, I've already mentioned two of the three prominent characters of this song. 

First is the Bridegroom, often referred to as the beloved who according to this book is King Solomon. To us however, our beloved is Jesus our Bridegroom King who sacrificed His very life to betroth us to Himself.

The second is the Bride, referring in this case to the Shulamite, Solomon's love interest. But like I said before represents the church and most specifically the individual Christian: you and me.

The third category are the daughters of Jerusalem who in this case refer to believers who have come to salvation but haven't awoken to the individuality of God's love. They are saved, yes but have no intimate relationship with Jesus.

Now that we've introduced our book join me tomorrow as we begin to dig into the greatest song ever.


  • If you haven't already done it, pen down a goal this year concerning growth in your walk with the Lord Jesus. Write clearly the things that will measure for you growth in your walk with Jesus this year, Put it where you can see it and come up with action steps, things you will do to make sure this becomes a reality.